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Yes, I am another country girl working on a boutique.  There seems to be a few of us out there.  I believe we have the same personalities. Hardworking, goal oriented, and fearless.  

I am blessed for having grown up on the farm. (A farm in Silver Creek Township that is).  I was Dad's shadow, soaking up as much as he would teach me. It's where my love for cows came from.  Those of you that know me, know what I am talking about.   On the flip side of that, I have always had an overwhelming joy for fashion too. I enjoy shopping in my spare time, or should I say it’s my outlet to the busy, crazy, stress of everyday life.   

Today I continue to do the same, married to my farmer/banker husband, working as an RN by day, raising crops, cattle, and 2 little kids, making sure they get the best of rural living just as I did.  So why Silver Creek, you ask.  Because I like to shop, I like to look good and feel good.  I want to share that outfit inspiration with you.  If it brings you happiness, embrace it.  Treat yourself.

With that you will find a little country, a little farm, a little boho, and a little class. There’s something for everyone.  I believe in pairing however you want, it’s your style, it’s whatever gives you that sense of beauty, confidence, and self- encouragement.  We all need that and we need it from each other.  If I can help with that, you have made my day!!  Enjoy.                                                                                  





Small town girl who has a passion for fashion!! Earned her degree in marketing and business administration. Hannah loves to shop, spend time with family and friends, and the outdoors. Hannah does a lot behind the scenes with website, marketing, etc. She is our creative mind, designing tees and she is in charge of creating and designing our burned hats!!









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